• chickenBurger

    Chicken Burger | Chicken Burger Recipe

    Chicken burger, is crunchy, juicy, delicious main course recipe. As you know, burger belongs to American cuisine. And they are different variety of burger patty you can make like veg, cheese, etc. In addition to that, there are different variations in the chicken burger itself. Generally, we order burgers from outside, because it looks like a lengthy and complicated thing to make at home. But it’s not the fact. yummy chicken burger at home with total hygiene. That to under 30 mins. I know that sounds like a bit exaggerating for beginner’s. Try this recipe, then you will definitely believe me. Moreover, one more advantage of the home chicken burger’s…

  • chickenChips

    Chicken Chips | Chicken Chips Recipe

    Chicken chips is a starter , snack, or a side dish recipe. This crunchy from outside. Above all, this calls for basic ingredients only. Nothing fancy required for this yummy snack. As you know, there different recipes you can make with chicken like chicken curry, chicken pulao, chicken biryani. But this chicken chips doesn’t need much time, can be done in 15 mins. So this the best recipe for kids and unexpected guests . Moreover, this is similar to chicken nuggets . In addition to that, very less oil required for this so this is a healthy recipe. So give it a try, every is going to love this recipe.…

  • CrispyChickenLolipops

    Crispy Chicken Lollipop | Chicken Lollipop Recipe

    Chicken lollipop is a crunchy, spicy and juicy appetizer, which doesn’t need an introduction. This Chicken lollipop can be served as evening an snack . And this will be the special attraction if you serve this at dinner party. Moreover, this can be made at home easily with less cost and more hygiene. Above all. all you need to make chicken lollipop are the chicken drumettes or chicken wings and some basic spices. As you know, we can’t trust the outside appetizes because they use more artificial colors and they repeat the usage of the oil. Especially, the whole family no need to fight for 1 or 2 plates of…


    Chittimutyalu Biryani | Chittimutyalu Chicken Biryani

    Chittimutyalu biryani is the popular recipe in South India. Even though, they are a lot dishes one can make with chicken. But Chicken biryani has its own place, which cannot be replace by others. In this recipe we cook the chicken with Special rice called Chiitimutyalu. Hence Chittimutyalu biryani. On the other hand, this recipe is easy to make and taste yummy too. So this is budget and bachelor friendly too. Above all, this recipe calls for basic ingredients only. Likely, you can have this as it is with out any curry or serve this with raita. Each bite of this Chittimutyalu biryani is spicy, delicious and flavorful. How to…

  • sweetPotatoPatties

    Sweet Potato Tikki | Sweet Potato Patti

    Sweet potato tiiki is a healthy, simple snack recipe. And also know as Shakarkandi Tikki , popular during festive days . Sweet potato tikki is a combo of flavors. Each bite is crispy, sweet and spice. Isn’t awesome? Moreover, this is multi purpose snack. That means it can be used as Burger Patti or as a chaat too. On the other hand, it is quick , easy and few basic ingredients are only needed for this plate awesomeness. Above all we can feed this for toddlers also with less spices. Likely, this Sweet potato tikki is made for Navaratri days with special masala. Or else generally serve this as a…

  • sahiPaneerTikka

    Shahi Paneer Tikka | Shahi Paneer Tikka Masala

    Shahi paneer tikka is the delicious, creamy and spicy gravy with grilled paneer, commonly served for special occasions. As you know, Paneer tikka means grilled paneer, great as a appetizer or a snack as well. And this belongs to the north Indian cuisine. Likely, there must be little variations in making Shahi paneer according to the region. On the other hand, this best to be served with butter nan, tandoori roti, chapati, veg rice and Jira rice. In other words, this is extension version of paneer tikka. Importantly, this is close to Shahi chicken tikka. So this is the one of the best options for vegetarians. Because Paneer is special…

  • zuchiniSalad

    Zucchini Salad Recipe | Zucchini Salad

    zucchini salad is healthy, crunchy, fresh and light on stomach. Similarly, this is easy to make and tastes great as well. And one of best options for meal when you are on diet. Moreover, serve zucchini salad as a side dish or as a meal by itself. As you know , Summer means Zucchini season. And salads are the best way to include greens in your food. This salad is the one of the great Zucchini recipes with less calories. Above all, there is no cooking involved an this recipe. Is it wonderful? So are you ready to make a yummy meal without much effort? How to make Zucchini salad:…

  • Open Taco

    Open Taco Recipe | How To Make Open Taco

    Open taco recipe is the unfolded version of taco’s. Basically, Taco is a popular Mexican dish in half moon shape, folded with onions, beans and a lot of grated cheese. This open taco recipe, is same as Indian snack, masala papad. Moreover, making this taco is effortless. This is great as a snack or main course. Above all, you can opt your fillings. Never the less, each bite of this open taco is crisp, fresh and juicy with flavours. How to make an Open Taco recipe: To make open tacos, first knead the soft dough with maize flour, rice flour, salt, sesame seeds, and oil. Rest the dough for 10…

  • Detox DRINKS

    Best 5 Morning Detox Drink For Healthy Living

    Morning detox drinks very much help full to maintain healthy living. Taking a detox drink before any breakfast in the mornings helps us being active for a long time and also keeps us hydrating. There are so many detox drinks that we can prepare with easily available ingredients at our home in very little time. Instead of taking a caffeine drink in our morning routines if we replace it with this detox drink, we can see the change in our body functioning. There are so many benefits which we get from detox drink. Firstly our body toxins will detoxify if we have them on empty stomach, secondly all detoxifying drinks…

  • Dumpling-Soup

    Vegetable Dumpling Soup | Dumpling soup

    Vegetable dumpling soup is whole meal by itself and this is a blast of flavors. Making dumpling soup sounds complicated but very easy to make. And the name itself says that it is a combo of dumplings and soup, which is delicious and filling. Furthermore, in each bite and sip, you can feel the awesomeness. Dumplings are as same as Momo’s. As you know , you can make veg , non-veg, and vegan dumplings as well. How to make vegetable dumpling soup: There are three steps in making in this recipe. Make the dumplings. And then prepare the soup and next step is to put dumplings in the soup .…

  • indoor plants

    5 Best Indoor Plants For Air Purifying

    Indoor plants or house plants give us a fresh breath and new life to the place where ever they are. As we all see after the Covid pandemic people are more interested in plantation mostly indoor plantation. We all need that freshness inside the house. Thus people are more interested in buying indoor plants. Here are some of the topmost indoor plants which can hive you fresh air and also budget-friendly and moreover easily available. Here we want to make the disclaimer that we are not professional gardeners where we are just sharing here our own experiences. Why Should We Grow Indoor Plants: They are so many benefits which get…

  • Avocado Pasta

    Avocado Pasta Recipe

    Avocado Pasta, is a simple, creamy, flavorful dish. In this Avocado pasta, boiled pasta is combined in creamy avocado sauce. As you know, everyone loves pasta. If you want to try something different and yummy with pasta, this is your destination. On the other hand, this is healthy, vegetarian and vegan too, isn’t wonderful? Avocado pasta is quick to make and a handful of ingredients only needed for this recipe. Above all, this a crowd pleaser and best for parties, potlucks, busy weekdays, and lazy weekends. This is going to be your kid’s new favorite pasta. So get ready for all the applause. Furthermore, customize this recipe by adding your…

  • Homemade-Natural-Shampoo

    Homemade Natural Shampoo For Hair Growth

    The homemade natural shampoo strengthens your hair why because. Present scenario hair fall is the biggest concern for all ages nowadays even it is affecting to kids, men women everyone. The cause for hair fall we all know one biggest reason pollution and next to the food we eat and the third cause will hormonal imbalance. And also for every health tip or beauty tip, one should always access their body first whether the ingredients are allergic to their then they have to go further. For pollution or any environmental concern, we can rectify but if it is inside our body then we should seek a doctor. Your body gives…

  • mini pizza

    Mini Pizza Recipe | How to make Mini Pizza

    Mini pizza is the smaller version of Pizza. As you know, pizza belongs to Italian cuisine. Moreover, it gains its popularity in all over the world. The process of mini pizza is same as original pizza. But you can finish this pizza in two bites and easy to make at home. On the other hand, making this mini pizza is fun. Because they look yummy and super cute. So, involve your kids while making this pizza. And let them choose the toppings and chop the veggies. Never the less, I’m making this pizza’s on the stove. Though, no need to worry about the oven. Serve this mini awesomeness for your…

  • Pasta Salad

    Pasta Salad Recipe Quick and Easy

    Pasta salad is a crunchy, creamy, yummy salad recipe. And you can serve this for lunch or dinner. Or else as a side dish main course. Moreover, this is best for summer because it doesn’t need much preparation. Similarly, this is great for potluck and picnics. Salads are generally considered as a healthy meal. Because they are full of healthy ingredients. Above all, this can be prepared ahead like 1 or 2 days. Or else simply boil the pasta and chop the veggies. Toss everything before serving. On the other hand, all age groups can enjoy this recipe. On the other hand, this is a simple recipe because it doesn’t…


    Paneer Tikka Recipe

    Paneer Tikka is a lip-smacking appetizer or starter recipe. And crispy, smoky from outside, and juicy from inside. Moreover, each bite is busted with flavors and makes you crave for more. Above all, it is simple to make and doesn’t call for fancy ingredients. Importantly, the whole family can enjoy this starter or snack without any complaints. In other words, this is the veg version of Chicken Tikka. As you know, Indian parties are not complete without Tikka on the dining table either veg or non veg. Try this recipe for your next get together and get ready for compliments. Serve this paneer Tikka with tomato ketchup or chutney. How…

  • sweet Kachori

    Sweet kachori Recipe

    Sweet kachori is a deep fried snack with sweet lip smaking filling inside. And best as an evening snack or tea time snack. Above all, Kachori is a famous Indian snack. Popular in all over the world as well. In addition to that, there are different variations of kachori recipes. Like moong dal Kachori, Matar kachori, Raj kachori. Above all, every bite of this Sweet kachori is crunchy with awesome mouth-watering filling. Similarly, this is an irresistible snack for everyone not only kids. Importantly, the outer layer is similar for all kachori’s. And stuffing differ from each other. How to make Sweet Kachori: First step in making the Sweet Kachori…

  • roasted tomato soup

    Roasted Tomato Soup Recipe

    Roasted tomato soup, is a yummy, flavorful one-pot recipe. And you can serve this as a starter or a whole meal itself. As you know, they are different ways to make tomato soup. Above all, this is more delicious than regular tomato soup. Because Roasted tomatoes add wonderful aroma and taste to this recipe. Similarly, roasted tomato soup is healthy, quick and easy to make soup. On the other hand, its recipe calls for basic ingredients available in the common household. Likely, if you are craving for warm, cozy, and comfort food during winters, give this a try. Never the less, this soup best to be paired with a baguette,…

  • capsicum snack

    Quick Capsicum Snack Recipe

    Quick Capsicum snack is healthy, crunchy, and filling as well. Moreover, this is quick and doesn’t need much effort. LIkely, this is different from regular snack. On the other hand, this is good for evening snacks, kids lunch boxes, and as a side dish. Every bite of this capsicum snack is spicy, tangy, and cheesy. Importantly, this is not a deep-fried snack. And you can customize the filling of this snack accordingly. Likely, alter the filling with potato, cheese, even with chicken keema and mutton keema too. If you are a vegetarian you can skip the egg. As you know capsicum/bell pepper dishes are popular all over the world. Like…

  • achari chicken

    Achari Chicken Recipe

    Achari chicken is a spicy, tangy chicken curry. And this belongs to the North Indian cuisine. Similarly, to make this curry we use masala made with Pickle spices. Hence called Achari chicken. Like, Achaar, this curry enhances the taste with time. This is best to pair with plain rice, roti, chapati, and Naan. In addition to that, this is an authentic recipe. Moreover, this is different from other chicken recipes and very popular in states like Rajasthan. On the other hand, this is best suited for winter. Because, The spices produce the heat in your body. How to make Achari chicken: To make this recipe, first, dry roast the spices…


    Bread Patties Recipe

    Bread patties are a snack or appetizer recipe. Moreover, this is close to the sandwich. Or else you can call it a fried sandwich. And this is crunchy from outside and juicy from inside. In addition to that, they are different snack recipes you can make with bread. Like bread bonds, bread bajji, and sandwiches. Try this snack if you want to try something Diverse. Above all, this is yummy and quick too. Serve this with ketchup or some chutney. Never the less, Bread patties taste best when they are hot. Serve them as a tea time snack for your guests. They are definitely going to love this because of…

  • mushroom babycorn friedrice

    Mushroom Babycorn Fried Rice Recipe

    Mushroom Baby corn fried rice is a crunchy, delicious one-pot dish. As you know, fried rice belongs to Chinese cuisine. Moreover, you can make fried rice with veggies, chicken, egg, paneer too. Likely, this is another addition to the Chinese family. Likely, combining the mushroom and baby corn add the crunchiness and different flavor. Mostly, kids are going to love this recipe because of the baby corn. Mostly, Baby corn fried rice goes well with Manchurian gravy. On the other hand, Chinese dishes are quick and they should be done on the high flame only. Never the less, they need a big wok and this is the secret behind the…

  • oatsSmoothie

    Oats Smoothie | Healthy Oats Smoothie Recipe

    Oats smoothie is a healthy, delicious, instantaneous recipe. This is great as breakfast, evening snack, post-workout drink, or as an after school snack. Breakfast is an important meal of the day. And healthy breakfast is a must for a happy and energetic day. Even though, some times it’s not possible to have a nutritious breakfast every day. So include this as your breakfast. Because this quick and doesn’t need much preparation. Above all, this oats smoothie is marvelous for the whole family. As you know, a smoothie can be made with fruits, greens, nuts, or even with chocolate and peanut butter too. Never the less, if you’re new to the…

  • chicken popcorn

    Chicken Popcorn Recipe

    Chicken popcorn is a crispy, juicy appetizer or starter. Chicken popcorn is made by frying the marinated coated chicken. Popcorn chicken recipe is a worldwide popular recipe. But they might be a little variation in the making. Similarly, this appetizer commonly found in fast food centers or restaurants. Everyone knows that KFC is known for its chicken popcorn. Few might think that chicken popcorn is hard to make at home. However, this recipe definitely proves them wrong. Likely, chicken nuggets are close to chicken popcorn. Above all, chicken popcorn tastes good only when they are hot. And they are great for a party or an evening snack. Next time try…

  • kalakand

    Kalakand Recipe | Milk Cake Recipe

    Kalakand, is a grainy, moist, irresistible milk dessert and it doesn’t need any introduction. Above all, this belongs to Indian cuisine. popular for special occasions and festivals. Alike, milk cake is the other name for kalakand. Milk and sugar are the main ingredients in the Kalakand. But the traditional process is very lengthy. So it requires more energy and time. However, this instant Kalakand requires only 30 mins. And you won’t find any difference in the taste as well. Different Indian desserts made with milk like Doodh Peda, Basundi, and Rabdi. And this is one of them. This is popular globally as well. The instant kalakand has milk, paneer, and…

  • chilli panner

    Chilli Paneer Recipe | Spicy Chilli Paneer

    Chilli paneer is an Indo Chinese recipe. In this chilli paneer, we dunk the fried paneer in spicy sauce. On the other hand, this is a great replacement for Chili chicken. Or else this is the veg version of chili chicken. Similarly, this can be served as an appetizer or starter. And this goes well with veg noodles, schezwan noodles, and fried rice too. Chilli paneer is quick to make and less complicated too. Likely, you can this recipe with potatoes and gobi as well. For chilli paneer you can directly add the paneer to the spicy sauce too. But I like to add the crunchy paneer. Nevertheless, there is…

  • spinach soup

    Spinach Soup Recipe | Creamy Palak Soup

    Spinach soup is a very creamy, colorful, and delicious soup recipe. It made up of spinach and some spices. Similarly, recipes like palak paneer, palak paratha are very popular in Indian cuisine. Palak soup is the best way to include palak in your diet. Moreover, this soup is best for winter and the rainy season too. As you know, soup is a comforting food for cold weather. palak soup looks very delicious because of its color. If kids are too picky to eat spinach, feed them this soup. They finish the entire bowl without any complaint. You can serve this as a starter for unexpected guests. Above all, this is…

  • potato fingers

    Crispy Potato Fingers Recipe

    Crispy Potato fingers are a deep-fried appetizer or an evening snack. They are a little crunchy and crispy outside and tender inside. potatoes are famous for snacks. Like cutlets, rolls, charts, and french fries. Similarly, this is one more addition to that snack list. Above all, this recipe is simple and uncomplicated. So beginners also can try this recipe. These are delicious and great for kids’ birthday parties, lunch boxes, and as an evening snack. On the other hand, they are different variations in this recipe. LIke potato fingers with semolina but I’m adding the cheese to this recipe. So they are definitely delicious and will be kids’ favorite too.…

  • sprouts Kichidi

    Sprouts Khichdi Recipe |Healthy Khichdi

    Sprouts Khichdi is a healthy, one-pot recipe. Made with sprouts, rice, and some spices. As you know, they are different versions of khichdi like moong dal khichdi, masala khichdi, and vegetable dal khichdi. And this is one of the additions to those khichdi recipes. Above all, all age groups can enjoy this recipe. Moreover, this is not only delicious but easy to digest as well. Sprouts khichdi is simple yet, satisfying. And it is a complete meal itself. Yummy khichdi is the best solution for busy or lazy days. In addition to that, this can be done even more quickly with a pressure cooker. Likely, this is a traditional recipe…

  • strawberry pancakes

    Easy Strawberry Pancakes Recipe

    Strawberry pancakes are light, fluffy, and great for breakfast or any special occasion. They are loaded with strawberry flavor and every bite is delicious. As you know, they are different types of pancakes like banana, blueberry, apple. And you can make pancakes simple pancakes without fruit as well. On the other hand, this is one way to include fruit in your diet. Above all, this recipe calls for basic ingredients which are easily available in the kitchen. Strawberry syrup is the must for these strawberry pancakes. Or else you can serve these pancakes with, maple syrup, honey butter, or whipped cream too. But the strawberry syrup adds the extra flavor…

  • chettinad egg curry

    Chettinad Egg Curry Recipe

    Chettinad egg curry is the spicy, gravy based egg curry with freshly grounded spices. That tastes best with rice, chapati, appam, and biryani as well. As you know, the title itself says that it belongs to the Chettinad region. This is very popular in Tamilnadu. Along with other dishes like Chettinad chicken, and Chettinad fish fry. This is an exotic and traditional recipe. Above all, this is distinctive from other recipes because of its freshly grounded masala. Similarly, all the Chettinad dishes are bold, spicy, aromatic because of the spices they use in the recipes. This is simple egg curry yet great for special occasions. How to make Chettinad egg…

  • crispy okra fry

    Crispy Okra Fry | Fried Okra Recipe

    Crispy okra fry is the crunchy appetizer recipe. Okra/Bendi is coated with flour, salt, and spices. And then deep-fried until they turn crisp. Generally, okra is slimy but this is totally the opposite of that. This is great as a starter or a side dish along with the main course. Above all, this quick, and simple traditional recipe. Another version of fried okra is slightly different from this recipe. In that recipe, we stir fry the okra with onions and Indian spices. The secret behind this non-sticky Bendi fry is to dry the okra cubes before cooking. How to make Crispy Okra Fry: To make this recipe, first, clean and…

  • salads

    Salads – How to lose Weight with Yummy Salads

    Salads definitely help to lose weight. On the other hand, different factors affect weight, such as exercise and a healthy diet. One can understand that losing weight is a combination of both As you know, there are different diet plans out there. But, the key to lower weight is opting for the right one which works for you. For example, choosing a healthy salad full of fiber, vitamins, proteins. However, a little cautiousness is needed while choosing the ingredients for the salad because few dressings have more calories. Therefore, one way of eating right is, adding fresh fruits and veggies to the menu. They are different recipes of salads to…

  • crispy carrot balls

    Crispy Carrot Balls | Crispy Carrot Dessert

    Crispy Carrot Balls are the crunchy dessert recipe. And this is the extended version of the carrot halwa or Gajar ka halwa. Moreover, I have experimented with carrots, which turn out a great success. Similarly, the best part of the recipe is the crunchiness of the outer layer. This mouth-watering dessert made with healthy ingredients like carrots, dry fruits powder, and milk. On the other hand, this finger dessert is another addition to the carrot recipes. Nevertheless, try this crunchy carrot balls if got bored with regular carrot Halwa. Above all, they are tastier when they served hot. How to make Carrot Crispy Balls: To make this recipe, first, cook…

  • street food

    15 Best Indian Street Food Make You feel Heavenly

    Indian street food is so popular we can’t imagine India without street food. Every Indian street sells different yummy chat pati food. It can be dessert or savory but for sure they are delicious. It is very common to us that we have so many memories and stories with the street food wala. Starting from school days we love to have street food. It might be an after school time also can be a meeting point with friends in summer vacation. Similarly, office tea breaks whatever the situation or time we and our friends like to have some time with food. This means a friendly time or a family time…

  • banana leaf grilled fish

    Grilled Fish In Banana Leaf | Green Fish Grill

    Grilled Fish In Banana Leaf is a moist, aromatic and delicious grilled recipe. Most of all, this is the popular recipe in Asia. But the marination slightly varies from each other. Marinated fish is wrapped in banana leaves and grilled until it is cooked. Ther are different popular recipes of fish like fish pulusu, fish curry, and fish fry. Similarly, this is also a tasty recipe and great with boiled rice Moreover, banana leaf locks the flavors, moist of the fish and turns the fish yummy and juicy. Above all, use the stovetop or outdoor grills to grill the fish. On the other hand, this recipe can work with chicken,…

  • smoothie

    The 5 Best Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

    What is a smoothie? Smoothie is a solid blend of a creamy texture drink made with raw vegetables, fruits, Dairy products, and nut combinations. It has a pack full of vitamins, fiber, and protein. Moreover, making a smoothie is a way easy it is just blending ingredients in different combinations. Similarly having a smoothie in breakfast or in Dinner is as good as eating a raw vegetable or fruit. Apparently we are not filtering the pulp of the fruit or a vegetable. What is a Difference between a Smoothie and a Juice? The only difference between the two is fiber other than that everything is the same. However, fiber is…

  • types of biryani

    # 8 Best Biryani You Need to Try In India

    Biryani is everyone’s favorite dish. Let us all know the best biryanis in detail. Let all of us just travel to history first. The word is derived from a Persian phrase birian, means fried before cooking. It moved a long way from Persia via Afghanistan to India. The oldest cuisine consists of more than 15 different spices and different techniques. In India, we have so many varieties, like every state has their style originated from their cultural history and flavors. Above all in India, we can see different types of like chicken, lamb, fish, prawns, and also for vegetarians we have paneer, mushroom, mixed vegetable. It is a wholesome, colorful…

  • Chicken Roll

    Chicken Roll Recipe – Kolkata Style

    Chicken roll is the famous street food in Kolkata. As you know Kolkata is popular for Jhal muri, Pani puri, Pav bhaji, Batata puri, and this Chicken roll is one of them. This is also known as chicken Kathi roll, basically, this is the chapati or paratha rolled with some spicy chicken and onion slices. In Kolkata, they made these chicken rolls with fresh ingredients in front of you. Try these street style chicken rolls, when you get a chance to visit Kolkata, they taste way better than the restaurant ones. This can be available in most of the street stalls in Kolkata. How to make Kolkota Chicken Roll: First,…

  • DonneBiryani

    Chicken Donne Biryani – Banglore Style

    Donne biryani is the traditional recipe, which is very popular in Banglore. All the Bangloreins enjoy this spicy, hot Biryani in bowls or plates made with dry palm leaves or banana leaves, Called Donne. Hence the name called Donne biryani. Even though this biryani is served in most of the restaurants in Bangalore, Shivaji Military hotel, Banashankari serves the best Donne biryani in town. The secret behind the distinctive flavor of this Biryani is the masala paste. On the other hand, the cooking process of this Biryani is similar to the Pulao. They use Seeraga samba rice or jeera samba rice for this Donne biryani. How to make Chicken Donne…

  • KaadhiPakora

    Panjabi kadhi Pakora Recipe

    Kadhi pakora is the Panjabi traditional recipe. This is a sour, creamy curry made with yogurt, besan, pakora, and some spices. Adding pakora making this recipe more exciting and irresistible In addition to that, Kadhi pakora goes well with plain rice and roti. Very basic ingredients like besan, curd, and some spices are needed for this delicious Kadhi pakora. On the other hand, the curd used in this recipe must be soured. Above all, serve the Kadhi pakora with tampering on the top. How to make Kadhi Pakora Recipe: To make this recipe, first, prepare the batter with besan, spinach leaves, salt, turmeric, chili powder, green chilis, cumin-coriander powder, and…

  • Raj Kachori

    Raj kachori Recipe Rajasthani style

    Raj kachori is the snack that doesn’t need an introduction in North India. Raj kachori is the king of all kachori’s and a popular snack in Rajasthan. This is slightly different from the normal kachori due to its crispy texture. Moreover, this is a gigantic poori filled with stuffings like boiled potatoes, chana, sprouts, chutneys, sev, yogurt, and chopped onions. According to me, this Raj should be considered as a whole meal, not as a snack. Because this so filling and extremely delightful. In Rajasthan, this is a typical snack to be served on festivals, special occasions, and a lip-smacking street food people love to have it on a regular…

  • Khandavi

    khandvi Recipe | Gujarati Khandvi Recipe

    khandvi is the Gujarati snack recipe. This layered snack made with gram flour and buttermilk. This snack needs some practice in the initial attempts. Making the batter is the tricky part of this recipe. In addition to that, the right consistency of the batter is the key to the perfect Khandvi rolls. These healthy, sour silky rolls melt in your mouth right away. Like, other Gujarati recipes, this recipe needs basic ingredients like besan, curd, and some spices. This is also known as Pataudi, and suralichi, and patuli in Marathi. How to make khandvi Roll: To make this recipe, first, make the batter with besan, curd, water, and some spices.…