• street food

    15 Best Indian Street Food Make You feel Heavenly

    Indian street food is so popular we can’t imagine India without street food. Every Indian street sells different yummy chat pati food. It can be dessert or savory but for sure they are delicious. It is very common to us that we have so many memories and stories with the street food wala. Starting from school days we love to have street food. It might be an after school time also can be a meeting point with friends in summer vacation. Similarly, office tea breaks whatever the situation or time we and our friends like to have some time with food. This means a friendly time or a family time…

  • smoothie

    The 5 Best Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

    What is a smoothie? Smoothie is a solid blend of a creamy texture drink made with raw vegetables, fruits, Dairy products, and nut combinations. It has a pack full of vitamins, fiber, and protein. Moreover, making a smoothie is a way easy it is just blending ingredients in different combinations. Similarly having a smoothie in breakfast or in Dinner is as good as eating a raw vegetable or fruit. Apparently we are not filtering the pulp of the fruit or a vegetable. What is a Difference between a Smoothie and a Juice? The only difference between the two is fiber other than that everything is the same. However, fiber is…

  • types of biryani

    # 8 Best Biryani You Need to Try In India

    Biryani is everyone’s favorite dish. Let us all know the best biryanis in detail. Let all of us just travel to history first. The word is derived from a Persian phrase birian, means fried before cooking. It moved a long way from Persia via Afghanistan to India. The oldest cuisine consists of more than 15 different spices and different techniques. In India, we have so many varieties, like every state has their style originated from their cultural history and flavors. Above all in India, we can see different types of like chicken, lamb, fish, prawns, and also for vegetarians we have paneer, mushroom, mixed vegetable. It is a wholesome, colorful…