• sweet Kachori

    Sweet kachori Recipe

    Sweet kachori is a deep fried snack with sweet lip smaking filling inside. And best as an evening snack or tea time snack. Above all, Kachori is a famous Indian snack. Popular in all over the world as well. In addition to that, there are different variations of kachori recipes. Like moong dal Kachori, Matar kachori, Raj kachori. Above all, every bite of this Sweet kachori is crunchy with awesome mouth-watering filling. Similarly, this is an irresistible snack for everyone not only kids. Importantly, the outer layer is similar for all kachori’s. And stuffing differ from each other. How to make Sweet Kachori: First step in making the Sweet Kachori…

  • oatsSmoothie

    Oats Smoothie | Healthy Oats Smoothie Recipe

    Oats smoothie is a healthy, delicious, instantaneous recipe. This is great as breakfast, evening snack, post-workout drink, or as an after school snack. Breakfast is an important meal of the day. And healthy breakfast is a must for a happy and energetic day. Even though, some times it’s not possible to have a nutritious breakfast every day. So include this as your breakfast. Because this quick and doesn’t need much preparation. Above all, this oats smoothie is marvelous for the whole family. As you know, a smoothie can be made with fruits, greens, nuts, or even with chocolate and peanut butter too. Never the less, if you’re new to the…

  • kalakand

    Kalakand Recipe | Milk Cake Recipe

    Kalakand, is a grainy, moist, irresistible milk dessert and it doesn’t need any introduction. Above all, this belongs to Indian cuisine. popular for special occasions and festivals. Alike, milk cake is the other name for kalakand. Milk and sugar are the main ingredients in the Kalakand. But the traditional process is very lengthy. So it requires more energy and time. However, this instant Kalakand requires only 30 mins. And you won’t find any difference in the taste as well. Different Indian desserts made with milk like Doodh Peda, Basundi, and Rabdi. And this is one of them. This is popular globally as well. The instant kalakand has milk, paneer, and…

  • strawberry pancakes

    Easy Strawberry Pancakes Recipe

    Strawberry pancakes are light, fluffy, and great for breakfast or any special occasion. They are loaded with strawberry flavor and every bite is delicious. As you know, they are different types of pancakes like banana, blueberry, apple. And you can make pancakes simple pancakes without fruit as well. On the other hand, this is one way to include fruit in your diet. Above all, this recipe calls for basic ingredients which are easily available in the kitchen. Strawberry syrup is the must for these strawberry pancakes. Or else you can serve these pancakes with, maple syrup, honey butter, or whipped cream too. But the strawberry syrup adds the extra flavor…

  • crispy carrot balls

    Crispy Carrot Balls | Crispy Carrot Dessert

    Crispy Carrot Balls are the crunchy dessert recipe. And this is the extended version of the carrot halwa or Gajar ka halwa. Moreover, I have experimented with carrots, which turn out a great success. Similarly, the best part of the recipe is the crunchiness of the outer layer. This mouth-watering dessert made with healthy ingredients like carrots, dry fruits powder, and milk. On the other hand, this finger dessert is another addition to the carrot recipes. Nevertheless, try this crunchy carrot balls if got bored with regular carrot Halwa. Above all, they are tastier when they served hot. How to make Carrot Crispy Balls: To make this recipe, first, cook…

  • Kashmiri Shufta

    Kashmiri Shufta Recipe

    Kashmiri shufta is a traditional Kashmiri dessert recipe, made with dry fruits, sugar syrup, paneer, and milk. This is a simple yet very tasty dessert. In Kashmir, they serve this dessert for occasions like festivals and weddings. Above all, this is great for winters because dry fruits provide warmth to your body. This healthy crunchy sweet dish calls for fewer ingredients only. On the other hand, this is an expansive dessert because of the Ingredients used in this recipe. All the above, this will be ready under 20 mins and it can be refrigerated. preheat the dessert before serving. How to make Kashmiri Shufta Recipe: To make this recipe first,…

  • Brownie Cookie

    Brownie Cookie Recipe Without Oven

    Brownie Cookie is the fusion of brownie and cookie. This is a dessert recipe but you can serve it as an evening snack as well. If you are confused to choose between the brownie and cookie for parties, no need to choose. This is the better option. This is the brownie in cookie texture. These are chocolaty, crunchy and chewy as well. They can stay fresh for 1 week, so bake them 1 day before the parties, it saves a lot of time. This is a super easy recipe, all you need to do is mix the ingredients and make balls and bake them. No cleaning vessels, no refrigerating the…

  • Rasgulla

    Rasgulla Recipe | How to make Rasgulla at Home

    Rasgulla is a juicy dessert, made with milk and sugar syrup. This is a Bengali recipe that is similar to the Gulab Jamun, chum chum, and Ras malai. This recipe looks hard to make but with little tips, you can easily make this at home. These Rasgullas taste better if they soak in the sugar syrup for 1 day. Try this sponge dessert for your next festival or party. They can easily store in the refrigerator for 1 week. Make them prior to a family dinner or party, so it saves lots of time. The main part of this dessert is curdling milk. Use lemon juice or vinegar to curdle…

  • Malpua

    Rabdi Malpua Recipe | Malpua Recipe

    Rabdi malpua is a traditional Indian dessert recipe that is very popular in Rajasthan, UP, and Bihar. This is also made in other countries like Nepal and Bangladesh. An Indian Pancake, which is dunked in sugar syrup and served with Rabdi or thickened milk. Or else serve this without Rabdi, because it is also sweetened with sugar syrup. There different variations in making this Malpua, Like in Bihar, they add banana to this recipe. Modify this recipe according to your taste like adding fruits. chopped nuts and coconut. Malpua edgers should be crispy and it should be soft and fluffy in the middle. How To Make Rabdi Malpua: To make…

  • Double Ka Meetha

    Double ka Meetha Recipe | Shahi Tukda Recipe

    Double ka Meetha is the popular Indian dessert which is mostly famous in Hyderabad. This is a simple, yet tasty dessert made with deep-fried bread, milk and some nuts on the top. This traditional Hyderabadi dessert commonly served in the Ramadan season and For Eid. Nowadays we can find this recipe in parties and marriages. This is one of the best desserts to make for unexpected guests because it’s easy to make and very few ingredients are required for this recipe. Try this recipe and serve your family they are definitely going to love this. Doble ka meetha is also known as shahi tukda. How to make Shahi Tukda: To…