• smoothie

    Mixed Fruit Smoothie Recipe | Fruit Smoothie Recipe

    Smoothies are healthy and full of nutrients that you can have for breakfast or else for an after school snack. You can feed your kids healthy fruits and veggies through smoothies and they did even recognize any fruits or veggies in there. The best part of the smoothie is, customize the smoothie according to your taste buds. This is the power pack breakfast you can have for a long day, that too within 10 mins. They are different ways to make a smoothie. Today I’m showing you to make a mixed fruit smoothie. How to make Fruit Smoothie: To make this smoothie take a blender and add peeled banana slices,…

  • eggless cake

    Eggless Cake Recipe in a Pressure cooker

    Eggless cake with vanilla and chocolate flavor layers is so easy to make with few ingredients. We need cakes to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, parties. Or simply for dessert. This cake is different from cakes which looks hard to make. But it is simple to make and tasty to eat. For this eggless cake, make swirls with chocolate batter on the vanilla batter so that it forms the marble effect. Can have this cake for tea time snack with frosting. Today I’m showing you how to make an eggless cake without an oven. Above all this is an eggless recipe. How to make Eggless Cake: To make this…

  • chocolate

    Homemade Chocolate Recipe

    Homemade Chocolate is the favorite dessert for kids. Not only kids everyone loves chocolate. Can make different desserts with chocolate like chocolate cake, chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream so on. In the chocolate itself, they are different varieties like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, fruit, and nuts chocolate. These store-bought chocolates are very expensive than homemade chocolates. Why wasting money on the chocolates? when you make them easily at home. That too with only four ingredients and without any preservatives. How to make Homemade Chocolate Recipe: For making this chocolate firstly sieve the dry ingredients and mix them properly. Then melt the butter in a double boiler method. Add the dry…

  • Overnight Oats

    Overnight Oats Recipe

    Overnight Oats is always a great option for breakfast because it is healthy and easy to make as well. Can make different variety of recipes with oats according to your taste. This overnight oats recipe is slightly different from other recipes because there is no cooking process. Just soak the oats with liquids like milk, yogurt, honey… overnight oats ready. And you are good to go. This is the best breakfast recipe for your busy mornings. In addition to that, can customize this recipe according to your taste. How to make Overnight Oats Recipe: For making this overnight oats recipe firstly take a jar with a lid and fill the…

  • MalaiPeda

    Malai Peda Recipe | How to make Doodh Peda

    Malai Peda is one of the traditional and popular sweets in India. We can’t imagine our festivals without sweets and Indian desserts are so yummy and popular worldwide. They are different kinds of sweets can be made with milk. This Malai Peda is one of them. Basically, Malai Peda is made with Koya, which is the reduced milk. But it’s a bit lengthy process. Today I’m showing the short cut to make Mali Peda which is as tasty as the original one. This recipe includes fewer ingredients and also less time. How to make Malai Peda: For this Malai Peda Recipe, Firstly, heat the ghee in a thick bottomed pan.…

  • dryfruit Laddu

    Dry fruit laddu Recipe | Healthy Protein Laddu

    Dry fruit laddu is the healthy laddu recipe because there is no sugar or jaggery in this recipe. So, this is the best dessert for diabetic patients. There are no perfect measurements for this recipe, can adjust the quantities according to your taste. But, should use more dates because dates are the binding factor for this recipe. Above all, this is a no cooking recipe. This is the best energy booster after or before the workout and while you are fasting. This healthy laddu is good for kids also. Not only kids all age groups can enjoy this laddu. How to make Healthy Dry fruit laddu: For making Dry fruit…

  • tricolor dessert

    Tricolor Dessert Recipe | independence day Recipe

    Tricolor dessert is the dessert which is made up of milk. The name itself says that it’s a colorful dessert made up of three colors. They are so many milk desserts like Rabdi, Basundi, Doodh peda, etc and this is one of them. Moreover, this is a very colorful and healthy recipe. Because less sugar and peas, carrots and nuts are added in this recipe. This is a special recipe for independence day. Only natural color from vegetables is used for this preparation. How to make a Tricolor Dessert Recipe: To make this recipe firstly, simmer the milk on the low flame after adding fresh cream, ghee, and sugar. After…


    Matka Malai Recipe | How to make Matka Malai

    Matka malai is the perfect Indian dessert. And this is similar to ice cream but thicker and creamier than ice cream.  This dessert served in small clay pots called Matka that’s why the dessert called Matka malai. This is the best dessert for hot summer days. Here we are showing the traditional Matka Malai process by step by step. How to make Matka Malai : For this Matka Malai, take thick bottomed and wide open vessel or else bottom will burn. Firstly thicken the milk in low to the medium flame by continuous stirring until it becomes 1/3. Add sugar for sweetness. finally, we add saffron for flavor. We need…

  • custard shorts

    Custard Shots Recipe | How to make Custard Shots

    Looking for a different recipe with custard dessert we have three different styles of custard shorts for you. Custard is a creamy and saucy dessert, which is very popular India. Traditional custard can be made with milk, eggs, and cream. Moreover, you can add flavors like vanilla and mango, etc. Nowadays custard powder is available in the market with different flavors. Simply you can choose your favorite one but if you don’t like artificial colors and flavors. Custard is the best dessert for summers so you can enjoy chilled custard with family and friends. In addition, we can make different recipes with custard however, We have tried three different custard…

  • cake pops

    Cake Pops Recipe | How to make Cake Pops

    Here is our Cake pops recipe in a step by step manner. We can make this Cake pops with cake balls dipping them in melted chocolate with a lollypop stick. We can make these cake pops in a simple and easy way. Firstly, we need to bake a cake, then mix the cake with frosting or chocolate syrup. And make small balls of cake and stick lollypop sticks to the cake balls. And finally, dip them in melted chocolate. Use Sprinkles Of your choice or else simple you can skip but they look super yum with sprinkles. How to make a Cake Pop  Cake pops are the cutest version of…