• zuchiniSalad

    Zucchini Salad Recipe | Zucchini Salad

    zucchini salad is healthy, crunchy, fresh and light on stomach. Similarly, this is easy to make and tastes great as well. And one of best options for meal when you are on diet. Moreover, serve zucchini salad as a side dish or as a meal by itself. As you know , Summer means Zucchini season. And salads are the best way to include greens in your food. This salad is the one of the great Zucchini recipes with less calories. Above all, there is no cooking involved an this recipe. Is it wonderful? So are you ready to make a yummy meal without much effort? How to make Zucchini salad:…

  • Detox DRINKS

    Best 5 Morning Detox Drink For Healthy Living

    Morning detox drinks very much help full to maintain healthy living. Taking a detox drink before any breakfast in the mornings helps us being active for a long time and also keeps us hydrating. There are so many detox drinks that we can prepare with easily available ingredients at our home in very little time. Instead of taking a caffeine drink in our morning routines if we replace it with this detox drink, we can see the change in our body functioning. There are so many benefits which we get from detox drink. Firstly our body toxins will detoxify if we have them on empty stomach, secondly all detoxifying drinks…

  • roasted tomato soup

    Roasted Tomato Soup Recipe

    Roasted tomato soup, is a yummy, flavorful one-pot recipe. And you can serve this as a starter or a whole meal itself. As you know, they are different ways to make tomato soup. Above all, this is more delicious than regular tomato soup. Because Roasted tomatoes add wonderful aroma and taste to this recipe. Similarly, roasted tomato soup is healthy, quick and easy to make soup. On the other hand, its recipe calls for basic ingredients available in the common household. Likely, if you are craving for warm, cozy, and comfort food during winters, give this a try. Never the less, this soup best to be paired with a baguette,…

  • oatsSmoothie

    Oats Smoothie | Healthy Oats Smoothie Recipe

    Oats smoothie is a healthy, delicious, instantaneous recipe. This is great as breakfast, evening snack, post-workout drink, or as an after school snack. Breakfast is an important meal of the day. And healthy breakfast is a must for a happy and energetic day. Even though, some times it’s not possible to have a nutritious breakfast every day. So include this as your breakfast. Because this quick and doesn’t need much preparation. Above all, this oats smoothie is marvelous for the whole family. As you know, a smoothie can be made with fruits, greens, nuts, or even with chocolate and peanut butter too. Never the less, if you’re new to the…

  • spinach soup

    Spinach Soup Recipe | Creamy Palak Soup

    Spinach soup is a very creamy, colorful, and delicious soup recipe. It made up of spinach and some spices. Similarly, recipes like palak paneer, palak paratha are very popular in Indian cuisine. Palak soup is the best way to include palak in your diet. Moreover, this soup is best for winter and the rainy season too. As you know, soup is a comforting food for cold weather. palak soup looks very delicious because of its color. If kids are too picky to eat spinach, feed them this soup. They finish the entire bowl without any complaint. You can serve this as a starter for unexpected guests. Above all, this is…

  • sprouts Kichidi

    Sprouts Khichdi Recipe |Healthy Khichdi

    Sprouts Khichdi is a healthy, one-pot recipe. Made with sprouts, rice, and some spices. As you know, they are different versions of khichdi like moong dal khichdi, masala khichdi, and vegetable dal khichdi. And this is one of the additions to those khichdi recipes. Above all, all age groups can enjoy this recipe. Moreover, this is not only delicious but easy to digest as well. Sprouts khichdi is simple yet, satisfying. And it is a complete meal itself. Yummy khichdi is the best solution for busy or lazy days. In addition to that, this can be done even more quickly with a pressure cooker. Likely, this is a traditional recipe…

  • Chickpea And Sweet Potato Chaat Recipe

    Chickpea And Sweet Potato Chaat Recipe

    Sweet potato is a tangy, spicy, crunchy chaat, very popular street food in Delhi. This is similar to the other charts but the healthier version. In this chaat sweet potatoes are tossed with veggies, spices and chaat masala. On the other hand, the smoky flavor of the street chaat you might not get at home, but it still tastes awesome. You can feel the combo of different flavors in every bite of this chaat. Above all, this chaat mostly enjoyed in winters, festival season, or during fasting. Why during fasting? because this is healthy, keeps you full for along and easy to make. Customize this chaat according to your taste,…

  • Creamy Chicken Soup

    Creamy Chicken Soup Recipe

    Creamy chicken soup is an easy and quick recipe. Which is healthy, yummy, satisfying and creamy as well. This soup is loaded with veggies and chicken. All you need are basic ingredients like chopped veggies, chicken, and pepper and red chili flakes for the flavor. Your family is going to love this recipe including the kids for sure. Make this one-pot recipe for your weekday dinner, everyone finishes their bowls without any complaint. This is the best meal for you when you are sick, tired or lazy to cook. Even you can add some noodles at the end. How to make Creamy Chicken Soup Recipe: To make this recipe first,…

  • Eggplant Omelette

    Eggplant Omelette Recipe

    Eggplant omelette is a healthy breakfast recipe. They are different kinds of omelet like cheese omelet, veg omelet and this one of them. Try this if you got bored with a regular omelet, trust me you don’t get disappointed. Ever you pack this for kids snack box as well. There are different versions to make this omelette, today I,m showing my way of making this recipe with some Indian touch. How to make Eggplant Omelette : To make this recipe, first, cut the eggplant into slices. Then make the rings with eggplant by removing the center part. Then take a mixing bowl and add chopped veggies, salt, gram flour, garam…

  • Grilled CHicken

    Grilled chicken salad Recipe

    Grilled Chicken Salad is easy to make and a perfect choice for dinner if you want to have a healthy and tasty dinner without much effort. This is a complete meal in a bowl with veggies and protein. Even picky eaters also love to have more of this salad because of the yummy grilled chicken. if you want to add more fresh veggies in meals try with this salad. You can replace the chicken with fish or shrimp also. This recipe goes well with any kind of meat. Add as many veggies as you want. Salad is the best way to have veggies. This is a perfect summer recipe because…