5 Best Indoor Plants For Air Purifying

indoor plants

Indoor plants or house plants give us a fresh breath and new life to the place where ever they are. As we all see after the Covid pandemic people are more interested in plantation mostly indoor plantation. We all need that freshness inside the house. Thus people are more interested in buying indoor plants. Here are some of the topmost indoor plants which can hive you fresh air and also budget-friendly and moreover easily available. Here we want to make the disclaimer that we are not professional gardeners where we are just sharing here our own experiences.

Why Should We Grow Indoor Plants:

They are so many benefits which get from the indoor plantation. Indoor plants boost our mood when we watch the fresh green leaves. And also it clears all the toxin which are there in the surroundings. Air purification depends on the length of the plant and the leaves. Indoor plants improve our creativity and also increases our concentration and productivity. And the most important benefit is it helps us releasing us from all kinds of stress.

# 1. Pothos:


Pothos’ other names are Epipremnum aureum, golden pothos, money plant, devil’s ivy. Pathos grows very easily in all types of environments. It needs light sunlight and if it is too much sunlight means the leaves turn in light and pale color. Pathos can grow in water and soil and it is very easy to propagate. Moreover, it can grow in water for more than 10 years.

# 2. Peace Lily:

The peace lily is a very beautiful plant with glossy leaves and white color flowers which adds color to the room. The weekly watering process is must follow the process. The correct place for this plant in your home is corner windows where you get indirect sunlight to the plant. The soil should be moist but not at all soggy.

# 3. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera helps in both ways like as a plant to breathe. And also if we take it for medicinal purposes it helps our body detoxifying. An easy-growing plant that needs less care. They can grow in all regions like hot and cold. The weekly watering is for aloe vera. Moreover, we gave check that the roots should not become soggy.

#4 . Boston Fern:

Boston fern is an easy-growing plant perfect for every balcony to make beautiful. All it requires is a humid climate and moist sand to grow. An important thing to be noted that it requires only indirect sunlight. And watering this plant requires daily watering in a hot climate and twice a week for a cold climate.

# 5. Snake Plant:

Snake plants are good air purifiers like aloe vera they help in converting carbon dioxide to oxygen at night times. They need more water in hot climates. And also the light which they need is bright light but not direct sunlight. The watering schedule for the Snake plant is after every 2-3 days. The soil should get dry for every next watering schedule.

All indoor plants remove toxins that come from pollution and by giving us fresh oxygen. indoor plants are a must in the rooms like where people work for long hours in the same room. And here we should be cautious that house plants are not good for bedroom.

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