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    15 Best Indian Street Food Make You feel Heavenly

    Indian street food is so popular we can’t imagine India without street food. Every Indian street sells different yummy chat pati food. It can be dessert or savory but for sure they are delicious. It is very common to us that we have so many memories and stories with the street food wala. Starting from school days we love to have street food. It might be an after school time also can be a meeting point with friends in summer vacation. Similarly, office tea breaks whatever the situation or time we and our friends like to have some time with food. This means a friendly time or a family time…


    Pani Puri Shots Recipe | Fruit Pani Puri Shots Recipe

    Pani puri shots are the extended version of Pani puris. This is also is known as the Golgappa, which is one of the popular Indian street food. In a traditional way, For pani puri fill the plain puri with boiled aloo, chopped onions boiled Bengal gram. And fill with mint water ( pani) before serving. In these days they are serving the pani puri’s with different flavors of pani. So try three flavors with Kala Katta, orange and pomegranate flavor. Can try different flavors according to our choice of fruits. How to make Pani Puri Shots: First prepare the aloo mixture with boiled potatoes, onions, tomato and keep it aside.…