• junglee maas

    Junglee Maas Recipe | Authentic Mutton curry

    Junglee Maas is a traditional Rajasthani recipe in which meat cooked with very fewer ingredients. This dish used to prepared for Maharajas after their haunting. They use to prepare this recipe in the jungle itself so they call it as Junglee Maas. Very few ingredients are needed for this recipe. In olden times they couldn’t carry more ingredients while haunting. In spite of fewer spices, this curry has the taste of its own. How to make Junglee Maas: Junglee Maas recipe we use few ingredients like onion, garlic, red chillis. Mutton releases it’s own juices while cooking in a low flame so you should not rush. The real magic of…


    Peas Pulao Recipe | How to make Green Pulao

    Peas pulao is flavored rice which includes fresh peas with a less garam masala. It is so easy to prepare the recipe within one pot. Fresh green peas make the dish more colorful as well as more taste. Peas pulao combos with raitha and it is also a great combination with some gravy or Kadai Currys. How to make Peas pulao: They are different types of pulao’s like veg pulao, chicken pulao, mushroom pulao, and this peas pulao is one of them. This is the easiest pulao because of no need to cut veggies. For this pulao cook the rice with peas, spices. or else add the cooked rice to…

  • laal maas

    Laal Maas Recipe | Rajasthani authentic Laal Maas

    Laal maas is an authentic Rajasthan curry with a spicy authentic touch in it. Means a red meat a curry which looks red hot. The ingredients will be the red Kashmiri chillies and mutton with bones. And moreover, in Rajasthan, they don’t use many tomatoes in their dishes. Therefore they use curd with spices to get the sour taste to the curry. This recipe generally served with rotis, naan (Indian bread), and also rice. This is a royal side dish curry for maharajas in Rajasthan. How to make Laal Maas: Laal maas process is generally like any other curries. The curry needs whole spices, not a whole spice powder. Firstly…

  • TawaPulao

    Tawa pulao Recipe | Easy Tawa pulao

     Tawa pulao is one of the easiest recipes for a lunchbox or for quick party menu. Tawa pulao is one of the popular street foods and it is easy to make and tasty too. In this recipe, we mix the boiled rice with vegetables and pav bhaji masala. In addition to it, you can use veggies of your choice peas, potatoes, carrots, capsicum, and beans are my favorite for this recipe. However, you can add the veggies you like. Tawa pulao will be easier if you have leftover rice. You can make this tawa pulao within no time if you have leftover rice. This goes well with yogurt or raita.…

  • Raju gari kodi pulao

    Raju Gari Kodi Pulao Recipe

    Raju gari Kodi pulao is one of the popular Andhra pulao which make in an authentic way. We can make this recipe easily in a pressure cooker. The main ingredient will be country chicken which we call as natu Kodi in Telugu. How to make Raju gari Kodi pulao: We can make the pulao with normal Sona masoori it is not compulsory to cook with basmati rice. Above all, Chicken biryani and Raju gari Kodi pulao both are very much different in taste. In addition to the recipe add Shallots (small onion ) and cashew nuts to give the real royal touch to the recipe. The process is simple like…


    Mango Pulihora Recipe | Mango Rice Recipe

    Looking for south Indian mango rice? Here we are presenting you the yummy mango rice. Mango rice or pulihora is one of the favorite cuisines for south Indians in mango season. Mongo pulihora is south in Indian dish which mostly prepares on the summer season with the raw sour mangoes. And this is the Ugadi special dish for many south Indians, moreover, in many temple‚Äôs they serve pulihora as a Prashad. The main ingredients of this recipe are sour mangoes, rice, and tempering. How to make a mango pulihora/ mango rice: This recipe is very similar to lemon or tamarind rice. Firstly we have to prepare steamed rice and it…