• Mango Smoothie

    Mango Smoothie Recipe | Summer mango smoothie

    Mango smoothie is the best for hot summer days. Moreover, this smoothie is a refreshing, delicious, and healthy smoothie. This calls for a few basic ingredients only. Above all, nothing much to do for this recipe, just blend the ingredients and enjoy your smoothie with your family. This is the best way to enjoy your favorite fruit. Similarly, add additional fruits like banana, strawberry, chia seeds( optional) and vegan can also enjoy this smoothie, by skipping the dairy products. For the busy tired days, this is the energy booster. Have this as breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack or a side dish with a spicy meal. Today, I’m showing you my…

  • Manchow Soup

    Manchow Soup Recipe | Veg Manchow Soup

    Manchow soup is a sour, spicy soup made with veggies and served with fried noodles on the top. This belongs to the Indo Chinese cuisine. Moreover, this soup is healthy and diet-friendly because of veggies and fewer calories. In addition to that, I have added the mushroom in this soup to increase the protein content. Above all, this soup is the best addition to that winter days. This Manchow soup is similar to the veg hot and sour soup but the consistency and fried noodles vary this recipe from the veg hot and sour soup. On the other hand, water can be replaced with veg stock. As you know soup…

  • Chickpea And Sweet Potato Chaat Recipe

    Chickpea And Sweet Potato Chaat Recipe

    Sweet potato is a tangy, spicy, crunchy chaat, very popular street food in Delhi. This is similar to the other charts but the healthier version. In this chaat sweet potatoes are tossed with veggies, spices and chaat masala. On the other hand, the smoky flavor of the street chaat you might not get at home, but it still tastes awesome. You can feel the combo of different flavors in every bite of this chaat. Above all, this chaat mostly enjoyed in winters, festival season, or during fasting. Why during fasting? because this is healthy, keeps you full for along and easy to make. Customize this chaat according to your taste,…

  • ravioli

    Ravioli Pasta Recipe | Homemade Ravioli Recipe

    Ravioli belongs to Italian cuisine and this is a pasta recipe. Moreover, you can make this easily at home. But the process might be overwhelming for new cooks. And I feel, it’s totally worth it. Above all, it can be made in different shapes, sizes and with different fillings as well. Similarly, it will so much fun if are making this with our family. For parties and family dinners make this Ravioli in batches and freeze them. So at dinner time simply heat it up and serve. In addition to that, It can be served as a starter or dinner as well. How to make Ravioli: For Ravioli preparation, five…

  • salads

    Salads – How to lose Weight with Yummy Salads

    Salads definitely help to lose weight. On the other hand, different factors affect weight, such as exercise and a healthy diet. One can understand that losing weight is a combination of both As you know, there are different diet plans out there. But, the key to lower weight is opting for the right one which works for you. For example, choosing a healthy salad full of fiber, vitamins, proteins. However, a little cautiousness is needed while choosing the ingredients for the salad because few dressings have more calories. Therefore, one way of eating right is, adding fresh fruits and veggies to the menu. They are different recipes of salads to…

  • kashmiri dum aloo

    Kashmiri Dum Aloo Recipe | Dum Aloo Recipe

    Kashmiri Dum aloo is an authentic dish that belongs to Kashmiri cuisine. There are different aloo recipes like aloo fry, aloo curry, and aloo matar. But this is distinctive from other recipes because of the spices used in this recipe. Basically, Kashmiri dum aloo is a spicy curry recipe. In which baby potatoes are fried and simmered in yogurt gravy with spices. Above all, this is a no onion and garlic recipe, so you can enjoy this recipe in the festive season as well. If you want to try the real Kashmiri dum aloo then you must try at home. Punjabi Dum aloo is another version of Dum aloo which…

  • types of biryani

    # 8 Best Biryani You Need to Try In India

    Biryani is everyone’s favorite dish. Let us all know the best biryanis in detail. Let all of us just travel to history first. The word is derived from a Persian phrase birian, means fried before cooking. It moved a long way from Persia via Afghanistan to India. The oldest cuisine consists of more than 15 different spices and different techniques. In India, we have so many varieties, like every state has their style originated from their cultural history and flavors. Above all in India, we can see different types of like chicken, lamb, fish, prawns, and also for vegetarians we have paneer, mushroom, mixed vegetable. It is a wholesome, colorful…

  • Raj Kachori

    Raj kachori Recipe Rajasthani style

    Raj kachori is the snack that doesn’t need an introduction in North India. Raj kachori is the king of all kachori’s and a popular snack in Rajasthan. This is slightly different from the normal kachori due to its crispy texture. Moreover, this is a gigantic poori filled with stuffings like boiled potatoes, chana, sprouts, chutneys, sev, yogurt, and chopped onions. According to me, this Raj should be considered as a whole meal, not as a snack. Because this so filling and extremely delightful. In Rajasthan, this is a typical snack to be served on festivals, special occasions, and a lip-smacking street food people love to have it on a regular…

  • Khandavi

    khandvi Recipe | Gujarati Khandvi Recipe

    khandvi is the Gujarati snack recipe. This layered snack made with gram flour and buttermilk. This snack needs some practice in the initial attempts. Making the batter is the tricky part of this recipe. In addition to that, the right consistency of the batter is the key to the perfect Khandvi rolls. These healthy, sour silky rolls melt in your mouth right away. Like, other Gujarati recipes, this recipe needs basic ingredients like besan, curd, and some spices. This is also known as Pataudi, and suralichi, and patuli in Marathi. How to make khandvi Roll: To make this recipe, first, make the batter with besan, curd, water, and some spices.…

  • vada pav

    Mumbai Vada Pav Recipe

    Vada pav is the popular street food which is basically originated from the streets of Mumbai. Not only Mumbai Vadapav is popular in the whole Maharastra. This is very similar to the burger, Pav is the Indian Burger bread and vada is the deep-fried potato stuffing dipped in besan flour, served along with some chutneys like green chutney, and dry garlic chutney. The Vada pav recipe is similar in all cites, but the Vada pav from the Mumbai is the best of all. Moreover, this Vada pav is pocket-friendly, tasty and filling as well. How to make Vada Pav: To make this Mumbai Vada pav first, make the chutneys. For…