• capsicum snack

    Quick Capsicum Snack Recipe

    Quick Capsicum snack is healthy, crunchy, and filling as well. Moreover, this is quick and doesn’t need much effort. LIkely, this is different from regular snack. On the other hand, this is good for evening snacks, kids lunch boxes, and as a side dish. Every bite of this capsicum snack is spicy, tangy, and cheesy. Importantly, this is not a deep-fried snack. And you can customize the filling of this snack accordingly. Likely, alter the filling with potato, cheese, even with chicken keema and mutton keema too. If you are a vegetarian you can skip the egg. As you know capsicum/bell pepper dishes are popular all over the world. Like…

  • oatsSmoothie

    Oats Smoothie | Healthy Oats Smoothie Recipe

    Oats smoothie is a healthy, delicious, instantaneous recipe. This is great as breakfast, evening snack, post-workout drink, or as an after school snack. Breakfast is an important meal of the day. And healthy breakfast is a must for a happy and energetic day. Even though, some times it’s not possible to have a nutritious breakfast every day. So include this as your breakfast. Because this quick and doesn’t need much preparation. Above all, this oats smoothie is marvelous for the whole family. As you know, a smoothie can be made with fruits, greens, nuts, or even with chocolate and peanut butter too. Never the less, if you’re new to the…

  • chicken popcorn

    Chicken Popcorn Recipe

    Chicken popcorn is a crispy, juicy appetizer or starter. Chicken popcorn is made by frying the marinated coated chicken. Popcorn chicken recipe is a worldwide popular recipe. But they might be a little variation in the making. Similarly, this appetizer commonly found in fast food centers or restaurants. Everyone knows that KFC is known for its chicken popcorn. Few might think that chicken popcorn is hard to make at home. However, this recipe definitely proves them wrong. Likely, chicken nuggets are close to chicken popcorn. Above all, chicken popcorn tastes good only when they are hot. And they are great for a party or an evening snack. Next time try…


    Summer fruits: Know more, have a happy summer

    Summer fruits help to stay hydrated and healthy during summers. As you know, summer is a combination of hot and humid. So, including fruits in your diet is the best way to cope up with summers. Basically, fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Moreover, they give energy and keep you hydrated. In addition to that, you can have the fruits along with food or as a snack between the meals. Fruits taste amazing and refreshing during summers. Moreover, it is essential to adjust food habits according to weather to stay fit. Or else it might cause serious problems. Above all, in summers the temperature is high and days…

  • spinach soup

    Spinach Soup Recipe | Creamy Palak Soup

    Spinach soup is a very creamy, colorful, and delicious soup recipe. It made up of spinach and some spices. Similarly, recipes like palak paneer, palak paratha are very popular in Indian cuisine. Palak soup is the best way to include palak in your diet. Moreover, this soup is best for winter and the rainy season too. As you know, soup is a comforting food for cold weather. palak soup looks very delicious because of its color. If kids are too picky to eat spinach, feed them this soup. They finish the entire bowl without any complaint. You can serve this as a starter for unexpected guests. Above all, this is…

  • strawberry pancakes

    Easy Strawberry Pancakes Recipe

    Strawberry pancakes are light, fluffy, and great for breakfast or any special occasion. They are loaded with strawberry flavor and every bite is delicious. As you know, they are different types of pancakes like banana, blueberry, apple. And you can make pancakes simple pancakes without fruit as well. On the other hand, this is one way to include fruit in your diet. Above all, this recipe calls for basic ingredients which are easily available in the kitchen. Strawberry syrup is the must for these strawberry pancakes. Or else you can serve these pancakes with, maple syrup, honey butter, or whipped cream too. But the strawberry syrup adds the extra flavor…

  • Mango Smoothie

    Mango Smoothie Recipe | Summer mango smoothie

    Mango smoothie is the best for hot summer days. Moreover, this smoothie is a refreshing, delicious, and healthy smoothie. This calls for a few basic ingredients only. Above all, nothing much to do for this recipe, just blend the ingredients and enjoy your smoothie with your family. This is the best way to enjoy your favorite fruit. Similarly, add additional fruits like banana, strawberry, chia seeds( optional) and vegan can also enjoy this smoothie, by skipping the dairy products. For the busy tired days, this is the energy booster. Have this as breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack or a side dish with a spicy meal. Today, I’m showing you my…

  • Manchow Soup

    Manchow Soup Recipe | Veg Manchow Soup

    Manchow soup is a sour, spicy soup made with veggies and served with fried noodles on the top. This belongs to the Indo Chinese cuisine. Moreover, this soup is healthy and diet-friendly because of veggies and fewer calories. In addition to that, I have added the mushroom in this soup to increase the protein content. Above all, this soup is the best addition to that winter days. This Manchow soup is similar to the veg hot and sour soup but the consistency and fried noodles vary this recipe from the veg hot and sour soup. On the other hand, water can be replaced with veg stock. As you know soup…

  • Chickpea And Sweet Potato Chaat Recipe

    Chickpea And Sweet Potato Chaat Recipe

    Sweet potato is a tangy, spicy, crunchy chaat, very popular street food in Delhi. This is similar to the other charts but the healthier version. In this chaat sweet potatoes are tossed with veggies, spices and chaat masala. On the other hand, the smoky flavor of the street chaat you might not get at home, but it still tastes awesome. You can feel the combo of different flavors in every bite of this chaat. Above all, this chaat mostly enjoyed in winters, festival season, or during fasting. Why during fasting? because this is healthy, keeps you full for along and easy to make. Customize this chaat according to your taste,…

  • ravioli

    Ravioli Pasta Recipe | Homemade Ravioli Recipe

    Ravioli belongs to Italian cuisine and this is a pasta recipe. Moreover, you can make this easily at home. But the process might be overwhelming for new cooks. And I feel, it’s totally worth it. Above all, it can be made in different shapes, sizes and with different fillings as well. Similarly, it will so much fun if are making this with our family. For parties and family dinners make this Ravioli in batches and freeze them. So at dinner time simply heat it up and serve. In addition to that, It can be served as a starter or dinner as well. How to make Ravioli: For Ravioli preparation, five…