• tandoori chicken recipe

    Tandoori Chicken without oven Recipe

    Want to prepare the restaurant-style tandoori chicken at home? and you don’t have a tandoori oven at home. So here is my recipe Tandoori chicken without an oven. The taste of the chicken will be more like our chicken tandoori which we order from the restaurant but no artificial color and moreover, we use only 2-4 spoons of oil. If chicken is your favorite then the tandoori chicken will be in your menu list. So give a try in making this recipe.    How to make a tandoori chicken :    Tandoori chicken is a starter recipe, to make tandoori chicken first marinate chicken with spices and curd. Then grill the…

  • dahi papdi chaat recipe

    Dahi Papdi Chaat Recipe | Papdi chaat Recipe

    Dahi papdi chaat or a Papdi chaat is famous Indian street food. Dahi papdi Chaat recipe is simple and quick. Just papdi’s topping with potatoes, onion, tomatoes, green and sweet chutney, and lots and lots of curd. Papdi should be crunchy and thick The toppings of Dahi papdi chat might depend on the taste and availability of the ingredients. Adding more chutney to the recipe will give a good chatpata flavor to the chaat.  How to make a Dahi Papdi Chaat  :  Dahi papdi chat is a famous north Indian chaat, in which we can experience the different flavors and tastes at the same time because of the chutneys and…