• Katori Chaat

    Katori Chaat Recipe | How to make Basket Chaat

    Katori chaat is the fusion of both Katori and chaat. To make this recipe, first, make the Katori and then fill with stuffing like chickpea, boiled potatoes, yogurt, onions, tomato, green chutney, tamarind chutney and save. This might be a lengthy process for the first-timers, so you can make the stuffing a day before like boiling chana and making chutneys. Or else these chutneys are easily available in the market. This is a popular north Indian recipe, which you can have for an evening snack with some tea. This is also known as the Tokri chat, which means a bowl or basket filled with chat. Make everything ready and make…

  • allo tikki chaat

    Aloo tikki chaat Recipe | How to make Ragda Chaat

    Aloo tikki Chaat is the popular street food in India. There are different kinds of chaats like samosa chaat, papdi chaat, aloo chaat, Ragda patti chaat etc. Basically, Ragda is the white peas curry made with onions, tomatoes, and spices. Without any chutneys, you can enjoy the Ragda as it is. Can have this leftover Ragda with roti or can make samosa with this Ragda. Ragda is used in other chaat recipes like samosa chaat, aloo chaat, etc. This chaat is tasty , Healthy and filling as well. How to make Aloo tikki chaat: For Ragta Patti chaat, firstly, boil the peas and potatoes in the pressure cooker. Then take…