About Us

Mummy recipes are all about how to make recipes in an easy way and with simple ingredients. All the Recipes which are shown in this site mostly our own mom’s style. Who always try to surprise us with a special dish with simple home ingredients whenever we come back home.

In Mummy Recipes, we mostly try to make all kind of recipes. Like our kids favorite pancake or our favorite street food which is our all-time favorite. Similarly, our husbands most liked biryanis. And also the famous authentic recipes of south Indian or the Rajasthani style or the Punjabi. In addition to that, we also make simple baking for our kids. We are going to show all diverse variety of food recipes in our blog

In mummy recipe blog we are going to give a simple idea for your home parties or kitty parties. You can easily make quick munchies or desserts, Main course. Most importantly easy lunch box for your kids and also a tasty breakfast idea. In mummy recipes, we are not only going to show the yummy tasty food but also healthy food. Which nowadays much required for our daily life.

Visit our Mummy Recipes blog for all the updates and new recipes…Thank you.