Spicy Shrimp Noodles Recipe | shrimp noodles stir fry

Shrimp noodles belong to Chinese cuisine. This is a very easy and simple dish which you can have for lunch or dinner. This is one of the best choices for your busy dinner routine. Moreover, this tasty Chinese dish can be made under 30 mins. Try this recipe whenever you are craving for Chinese take out, trust me you won’t get disappointed. Try this recipe with chicken you want to avoid seafood. How to make Shrimp Noodles: To make this recipe firstly, boil the noodles and keep it aside. Then melt the butter in the pan and saute the ginger, garlic, green chilis and spring onions in the butter. After that add the soy sauce and chili garlic sauce to the pan. Then cook the spring along with the sauces and finally, mix the shrimp with the boiled noodles. Know more about ingredients: Shrimp: Shrimp is the star ingredient of this recipe. Large size or jumbo shrimp is best for the recipe. Above all, shrimp is very nutritious, they are less in calories and rich in proteins. And shrimp is a good source of iodine which is required for the proper function of thyroid and brain. Shrimp is high in cholesterol levels but it is good for heart health. Noodles: To make the noodles first boil the water and add salt and oil to the water. Because of the oil, the noodles won’t be sticky. The noodles should be al dente and let the noodles cool down after they are done. Can use spaghetti if the noodles are not available. Watch Spicy Shrimp Noodles Recipe: Similar recipes: Fried rice: This is the popular Chinese street food, To make this fried rice first boil the rice and let the rice cool down. Now heat the oil in the wok. Now add the chopped garlic in the pan and fry the garlic. After that add the chopped veggies like carrot, beans, onions, cabbage. Then add the soy sauce, vinegar, salt and stir well with veggies. Finally, add the boiled rice and pepper to the wok. Toss the rice on the Haigh flame. Serve this fried rice with some Manchurian sauce. Veg Manchurian recipe: To make the veg Manchuria firstly make the dough with veggies like cabbage, carrot, onions, beans, cornflour, all-purpose flour, salt, and pepper. Now make balls with this dough and deep fry them in the oil. To make Manchurian gravy, Heat the oil in the pan and chopped ginger, garlic, chilis, and spring onions to the pan and saute them. After that add the sou sauce, chili sauce, and tomato ketchup to the pan and mix well. Now add the water, when the water comes to a boil add the corn starch and stir. When the gravy thickens add the Manchurian balls to the pan and mix well so that all the Manchurian can cover with the sauce. Share this post: on Twitter on Facebook on Google+