• churaMatar

    Chura Matar Recipe | Green peas Poha Recipe

    Chura matar is a banarasi dish which usually made a breakfast dish in Uttar-Pradesh. Chura is also known as beaten rice or flattered rice or poha. The recipe main ingredients are poha and green peas. This is the healthy, tasty and easiest breakfast recipe with fewer ingredients like Garam masala and green chilies add spice to this recipe. Poha gives wonderful taste while cooking with asafoetida, spices, and ghee. And sugar balances all the flavors in this recipe. How to make banarasi Chura Matar: For Chura Matar rinse the poha drain it and soak the poha in milk. Fresh green peas are an important ingredient for this recipe. Because green…

  • vegetable salad

    Vegetable Salad Recipe | Healthy Salad Recipe

    Here is my recipe for an easy vegetable salad with all the healthy ingredients. Vegetable salad easy take for breakfast as well it works well as an appetizer. The main ingredients are chickpeas and the sweet corn for this salad. You can add more veggies to this recipe whatever you like. In addition, use mayonnaise and curd, therefore, the salad will be creamy in texture. However, this vegetable salad is of full of proteins makes a good healthy meal for your diet day. The goodness of Vegetable Salad: Vegetable salad is a healthy recipe and everyone should include this salad in your diet because of its health benefits.  You can…

  • chocolatePancake

    Eggless Chocolate Pancake Recipe

    Looking for a yummy Eggless chocolate pancake recipe here we are presenting our recipe with simple ingredients without egg. This chocolate pancake will be juicy with the chocolate syrup. Your pancakes are ready. Serve them with chocolate syrup. This is one of the easy and yummiest breakfast you can make for your loved ones within no time with extra chocolate syrup when you are craving for a dessert. How to make an Egg-less Chocolate Pancake : To make a yummy Pancake first, you need to mix the dry ingredients, then you need to add the wet ingredients and make a fine batter for pancakes. Then pour the batter on the…

  • rotzza

    Rotzza (Roti+Pizza) Recipe | Roti Pizza Recipe

    Rotzza the roti pizza a simple fusion of our Indian roti and an Italian pizza. Where you can flavor both in one bite. However, we can make in different styles and flavor, veg and non-veg like pizza. The toppings mainly depend on your taste. Here I m showing you simple basic vegetable rotzza you can try. Similarly, we can try the same recipe with chicken. How to make a Roti Pizza: To make a perfect rotzza the dough should be soft like as a roti but the main preparation will be the stuff. The main masala for rotzza can be prepared in different ways. If we like to cook the…